Multi-line triangulation with many lines

M. Kuch, F. Schiffers, Z. Yang, F. Willomitzer, S. Ettl, G. Häusler
Institute of Optics, Information and Photonics, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Multi-line triangulation is one of the few principles that allows for single-shot acquisition of 3D Data. It allows as well for a high lateral resolution (to measure fine 3D details), and high precision. These useful properties are highly demanded for industrial and medical applications.
However, multi-line triangulation displays a severe indexing problem. Due to this “indexing problem” it is not possible to generate a high data density, and- at the same time- a big measurement volume.
We will present a method to solve the indexing problem by the combination of a “coarse measurement” that determines a tolerance band that allows for unique indexing of the lines, and a “fine measurement” that delivers high precision and moderate data density. Both measurements are done within one single shot. The novel sensor delivers all of the demanded features, now even including higher data density together with a large measurement volume.
Messtechnik, 3D-Messtechnik
115. Tagung, Poster: P11