Anti-Counterfeiting technique based Reflective-Physically Unclonable Functions

H. Umesh Babu1, N. Heußner2, W. Stork1
1Institute for Information Processing Technologies, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; 2FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, Karlsruhe
Reflective - Physically Unclonable Functions (r-PUFs) are a manifestation of a security principle where randomly distributed reflective microstructures in a three dimensional plane form the basis of an anti-counterfeiting technique. The projection of reflections onto a two dimensional plane is dependent on the angle of illumination, distribution and orientation of the micro-structures. The principle as applicable to the context is expounded, followed by evaluation and definition of requirements of such a product security system. An overview of the system design with focus on optical modules is presented along with analysis of constraints related to illumination and imaging optics. We summarize by providing results which confirm the viability of the concept as an anti-counterfeiting technique.
Optisches Design, Optische Systeme, Bildverarbeitung
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115. Tagung, Vortrag: A30, Freitag 13.06.2014,A